Run With The Hunted

Album art

“… a meld of down-tempo electronica, Euro house, and alt/indie rock …”

After listening to Dan Avidan and Peter Lennox‘s new single “Firefly”, I figured I should give writing about music a try. The reason I’m picking the album “Run With The Hunted” is due to the aforementioned single and because, thus far, it is the only album I’ve found with every track feeling like it really belongs there. Too often when I find a song and give the album it’s from a listen, most feels… off.


The selling point for this album is Dan’s voice. It fits with the genre so goddamn well. It’s so smooth and soothing, and it has a kind of uniqueness to it. I can’t really put my finger on what it is, but no other artist I’ve listened to has this quirk to their voice. Every band or project he has been a part of, same story.

The instrumentals by Lennox are also just spot-on, always. Like I said in the beginning paragraph, usually every album has atleast a few songs where something feels a bit off or missing entirely. But not here, all thanks to Peter.

The stuff.

I’m picking this as an example simply because it’s my favourite of the bunch. When I said that every song of the album feels just right, then this one takes the cake. It’s hard for me to put into words, but the jolt of cold going down my spine when I first heard this, just … woha. I know that this whole time I’m sounding like a total fanboy, but just trust me. If you haven’t already, give the embed song a go.

Everything about it feels so natural, the keyboard, the beat, the voice. All of it. My personal favourite is when Dan simply goes ‘ooh’, it just feels so damn good on the ears.

So, as one could conclude after reading this, I love the album. I genuinely hope that the recently released single won’t be the last I hear of “serious-singing-Dan”, because, goddamn. Just listen to him.

Until I write again.


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