So I’ll just start this blog off with my impression of a game.

I’m also going to keep this spoiler-free, so fret not.


The picture in Steam store

So, first off, this is my first time playing an ARPG of this kind, meaning I had no idea what I was getting into. All I knew was that the game has received massive praise and has an even more loved soundtrack.

Thank goodness nobody spoiled the story for me.

The protagonists of the game are “The Stranger” aka Rucks, who acts as a narrator to everything that is happening and explains what is going on, sometimes in a cryptic manner, with a wicked good rough voice, and “The Kid”, who is the character you play as. I really love the fact they didn’t give a name to him. Kind of gives the same feeling like “Doom” did with having no name for the guy you play as, meaning it could be you. It makes the immersion to the story much greater.

The Kid wakes up, with the world being missing for the most part. As you move around, paths start to emerge, being built out of tiny bits of just about anything. It is fairly weird, but crazy cool still.

The initial mission is to gather things called “Cores” and use them to charge something called “The Bastion”, which is essentially a bunker built incase of an emergency, in this case, the Calamity. The calamity is an event which destroyed the world as the protagonists knew it, and they hope to undo it with the Bastion. I won’t write more about the story, because I really urge you, dear person who somehow stumbled upon my blog, to play this magnificent masterpiece of a game. Even if you don’t dig it, you can get a refund, right? (If you’re on Steam that is)

So now I get to the part which made this game so goddamn enjoyable for me. The soundtrack.

This is my favourite track right there. It’s so … good. The vocals, just pure pleasure for the ears. The instrumental, just … so enjoyable. And the time and place it is played just adds SO much to its magic, it’s just unexplainable. Chances are that you might not like it as much, but somehow this song just found a special place in my heart and entrenched there, refusing to leave.

That goes for just about every track in the OST aswell. They are presented at such perfect moments, they feel so natural there. I couldn’t imagine the game without them.

The gameplay is really fun aswell. It has an interesting combat system, full with a shield, melee and ranged weapons. I found it very pleasant, because there was always a new weapon with new mechanics introduced every few levels, making the combat always feel fresh. There are many possible combinations. (you get to pick 2 weapons to bring to a stage, plus a special abilty. You always have the shield.) It awesome getting to experiment with different weapons (A machete and a mortar? Yes please!).

If you’ve played through the game (or for any other reason), feel free to share your thoughts. I’d really like to see if everybody enjoys it so much, or if I’m just too easily impressed.

Until next time.


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